DesignFirst For Startups, Enterprises and aspiring entrepreneurs from any industry. Be it from Healthcare, Finance, Education, IT and any sector.

What and Why DesignFirst?
“Design First” is the philosophy that all things should be designed with the end user experience as the focal point. Whatever your business is, if it involves user engagement and interaction, then you should think about DesignFirst. More on Design Thinking and Design Transformation

As a startup, you might have identified a unique opportunity, a market need, or a gap. But, do you know if your target customers see the problem in the same was as you do? Do you know how to design and build a solution around the opportunity to make true impact?

You should make DesignFirst your top priority to:

  • Get your Product Strategy right – Validate if you are building a right thing. Should it be a product, a service or something else.
  • Get your UX Strategy right – Engage your users in a meaningful way by providing them the right experiences not just one, but all along their journey and engagement with you.
  • Get your Development Strategy right – Build and deliver it in the right way so as to please and excite your customers leading to increased adoption and customer base.

Join us at our conference to learn and adopt DesignFirst approach.

Who is it for?

  • If you identify yourselves with one of the following, then DesignFirst conference if your first right step.
  • A funded Startup with your idea built, but struggling to get its UX right.
  • Early stage Startup trying to build the right product in the right way for a great UX
  • An Enterprise/BU trying to build a new product or re-imagine your existing product/service.

Why DesignFirst Conference?

With growing adoption and reach of technology, both on the industry side and on the consumer side, innovation led by design is crucial in identifying right opportunities and in solving them the right way for a great UX and positive impact.

DesignFirst is created and designed to bring the culture of design centric innovation to our bustling startup and business community. Product Managers, Business Owners and Leaders are invited to be part of this one day conference packed with engaging sessions consisting of expert talks, case studies, and workshops to help you with design first strategies and execution.

UsabilityMatters.Org(UMO) brings the first design centric international conference to the Startup, Enterprise and the aspiring entrepreneur community of Hyderabad and India. The goal of DesignFirst is to provide a right platform for the startup and business community to learn, inspire, connect and succeed with design first approach.

About UMO
UsabilityMatters.Org, UMO is a non-profit organization working towards design awareness and exchange of design sensibilities through interaction between designers and design sensitive consumers for over a decade. It is a forum dedicated to discussing, improving and promoting the work of design community in India.

UMO strives to provoke thinking among our peers, to extend the limits of the accepted boundaries for creating a better environment through UXIndia and DesignFirst conferences and its various round the year programs.